Saturday, January 18, 2014

Video of the Week: Lewis Marnell Tribute

One year ago today skateboarding saw the passing of one of the best dudes out there. Lewis Marnell was not only an incredible skater with one of the best bags of tricks I can think of, but a super positive guy in general: generous, friendly, and humble. There've been a few deaths in skateboarding that I've heard about, but none hit as hard as this one. Though it's very saddening to see such a great human leave us, Lewis will never be forgotten. Almost Skateboards has done an incredible job of keeping Lewis's spirit alive in the skate world, and this tribute that they created for Episode 3 of Almost Famous is my favorite yet. Not only is it one of the best trick compilations for Lewis, but it pays homage to how great of a person Lewis was and how thoughtfully people have reacted to his passing. Along with this great video, Thrasher also released the remarks and stories from Lewis's teammates at Almost with another touching tribute.

We will never forget you Lewis, ride in paradise!

UPDATE (with other videos from the week):
-Zander Mitchell in Taco Taco
-Helder Lima's LRG x Supra part
-Captain's Attack: Dalavas from Helas
-Daniel Cutcliffe in Reason 2 Believe
-Brandon Westgate's B-Sides from Made
-Mike Abarta in Meet the Lurkers
-Adidas Germany in Berlin
-Chris Blake in Sequel
-Will Golding's Red Bull feature
-Sebo Walker Recruited at the Berrics
-Seimi Miyahara in Lenz II
-Red Bull feature of skating in Sydney

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