Monday, January 13, 2014

2014 Videos #5: Shane O'Neill

Now there's not very much to go on here, but according to Twitter and directly from the man himself, Shane O'Neill will be dropping a full part through Thrasher soon. I don't remember/can't find exactly where, but I'm pretty sure there was word that the part would be out in 2014 as well, which really makes sense the way pros can come out with parts every year if they really worked for it. I also heard rumor that a good portion of Shane's Chronicles part (above) was "filler" footage, which is also understandable since we know what Shane is capable of. Again, that was just rumor and there's no official trailer or footage for the video part, but nonetheless this is Shane O'Neill. Filler or not, his Chronicles part was insane. Anytime there are ridiculously tech and beautiful NBDs in a part it's gonna mark its place in skateboarding history. All things considered, I cannot wait for whatever Shane's cooking up for his next part.

Here's a few of his mind-boggling and super steezy parts from earlier years:
Not Another Transworld Video
Going Pro Berrics Part
Debacle (with Theotis Beasley)
Am Chowder

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