Wednesday, January 15, 2014

2014 Videos #3: Outliers (Transworld Video #26)

Not much is know about Transworld's 26th video except for a few details given by Chris Thiessen (1:02). The video is coming out sometime this summer or possibly even in the fall (though TWS is pretty good at keeping deadlines compared to other companies) and it will be called Outliers. Transworld consistently comes through with some of the best videos every year and this one should be no different. Not only are the filmmakers quite extraordinary, but the lineups are very easily the best mix of 5/6 skaters you'd never think of putting together. But that's what makes every TWS video so great: the epic lineup and seeing how the dudes can come together over just a year with incredible skating and those good homie vibes. Now after speaking of the lineup enough already, here it is with some video part reminders of the gnarliness:

Neen Williams - Chicken Bone Nowison
Brad Cromer - going pro for Krooked part above, and Lo-Fi
Lee Yankou - Never Gets Old and Business As Usual
Riley Hawk - Lakai x Baker feature and Shep Dawgs 3
Zered Bassett - State of Mind

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