Thursday, January 16, 2014

2014 Videos #2: Vans Video

I'm sure everyone's heard something about the upcoming Vans Video. All of the Vans dudes have been getting coverage and the company has been consistently coming out with gnarly ads lately. While the news about the video, which I can only assume is coming out this year without any specific trailer or release date, has been making its way around the internet, I still think Vans is one of the most underrated teams out there. A good reason for that is probably their lack of contest presence, besides say Curren and Pedro, but that makes the team that much rawer. With a crew like Vans, you can be sure every dude is out in the streets stacking sick footage, which makes me wonder who may end up with the last part. The uncertainty of what these guys have been up to makes the anticipation for the video that much heavier. And with a legendary company like Vans, this video has the potential to shake the skate world much like Pretty Sweet did. Get hyped!

Just a few of Vans' skaters and reasons why you should be pumped too:
AVE - I don't even have to pull the age card here because he's been going hard!
Gilbert Crockett - His Life Splicing was one of the rawest things I can remember and we know he can efficiently produce high quality footage from his Old Dominion part and just this week his pro shoe clip.
Andrew Allen - Been a fan ever since Prevent The Tragedy (remix above, absolutely love this edit) and hope that he's got some similar ripping hidden footage that has flown under radars recently

(Those are just my picks, but there are a bunch of other dudes that can easily have an epic part too: Geoff Rowley, Chris Pfanner, Chima Ferguson, ... that's just how good the Vans squad is!)

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