Sunday, January 12, 2014

Next Week: Videos to Look Forward to in 2014

Though it's already a couple weeks into the new year, there's still time to express my top 5 videos I'm looking forward to in 2014. Not much else to say except that there are definitely some big releases to be hyped for this year.

One thing to look forward to not only this year but basically the next decade or so is Mark Suciu. Technically, since I don't think there are any specific releases for Mark scheduled for 2014 yet, I'm not officially including him in this week's top 5. But that doesn't mean you shouldn't expect more quality footage from him. And loads of it. After one of the craziest years for Mark in terms of the absurd number of good parts he put out, capped off with his wonderful 8 minutes of smart skating in Search the Horizon, there's no doubt he'll impress once again in 2014. Add in the fact that he is a new professional for Habitat and there's a really good chance we'll see some incredible stuff from Mark this year.

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