Tuesday, January 14, 2014

2014 Videos #4: LRG Video

It's pretty interesting when a clothing company comes out with a full length video in skateboarding. I can't think of too many instances of this happening. Ambig came out with a solid 15 minutes or so of insane shredding with great editing via Modern Art, but that's definitely a promo as opposed to a full length video. I was super stoked on Ambig since the video and their sick team, but after a few team member cuts I can't back them as much. Anyway, LRG is the other clothing company in my memory that has pulled off the legit full length video just a few years ago. Give Me My Money Chico turned out to be really sick; it combined a pretty versatile and stylish team with editing inter-connectivity to give a consistent vibe throughout the whole video. And everyone's parts were definitely memorable to still be brought up today. A good 35/40 minute video with full parts from everyone is priceless these days in the increasingly viral world of skateboarding.

Since then, the team has changed up a little bit (I still find it funny that almost immediately after GMMMC came out Tommy Guns, Billy Marks, and Tom Asta were added to the team) and has some new heavy hitters now: Felipe Gustavo, Carlos Ribeiro, and Trent McClung. Recently, LRG introduced Miles Silvas to the team (welcome video above), who has been on an absolute rampage this year with coverage and sponsors. With that welcome video I saw that LRG is officially working on its next full length video for 2014. With a lineup that LRG has now, a full length video can be extremely epic. Definitely something to be hyped for this year.

A quick highlight run through of some of LRG's skaters to be ready for their upcoming video:
You know what Billy MarksTom Asta, and Carlos Ribeiro are capable of.
Tommy Sandoval - just look at his Cold War part
Miles Silvas - can't wait to see probably the biggest back noseblunt ever!
(And if any of their international dudes have parts too...oh boy!)

In addition to the LRG video, I should probably mention the upcoming video from Gold Wheels: Gold Goons. I just saw the trailer this week, so I didn't plan on posting about it. But just looking at the lineup in the info underneath the trailer, there are so many tight dudes on the team that even semi-full parts from some of them would be satisfactory. I'm not too sure which ones have been stacking clips for Gold Goons specifically, but a lineup like that leaves plenty possibilities for a full length video.

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