Sunday, September 29, 2013

Next Week: Dudes with Nicknames

Skateboarding terminology naturally accommodates shortening words and names to make the lingo more efficient. It's a lot faster and easier to say "kick back tail" instead of "kickflip backside tailslide", and both are easily recognized.  Same goes for a lot of skaters' names. "P-Rod" is snappier and flows better than saying the full "Paul Rodriguez", eliminating unnecessary syllables.  You got The Chief, The Boss, The Mutt, etc. And then ones like Slash, Jaws, or Spanky. All nicknames that easily point to the full name of the skaters we watch so much. However, all of these are just nicknames, used on occasion (maybe even frequently for a couple) for the efficiency in speech. Even so, the full names of these guys are synonymous with their nicknames, if not used more. This week I'm going to look at a group of guys (and some of their skating) whose full original names are on the verge of disappearing completely in the skate industry. It's at this point when you know you have a good nickname.

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