Saturday, September 28, 2013

Video of the Week: Josh Swyers in Venue Skateboards' Old Dominion

Just like Thrasher said, I had never heard of this guy before but I definitely will know his name now. This new part displays equal amounts gnarliness, sketchiness, crazy speed, awesome tricks, and just a great vibe of messing around and having fun on the board.  The very first downhill line encompasses these qualities really well and all of the clips after that have something really cool about them.  His sketchy steep banked launch ramp to double yank in at 1:14 is just beyond nuts but looks just as fun as it does sketchy too; I've never felt that combination of vibes from a trick like that. The clip at 1:57 is full of surprises, the tre flip at 3:01 is unnecessarily high and good-looking, the front shove at 3:21 to finish the already mach 10 line is worth about three cherries on top of the icing on the cake, and the ability to pop the pop shove it at 3:42 seems very rare these days and that would be the last trick I'd think of doing over that bump to bar. 3:51 shows just how fast Josh skates, because when you make it look extremely fast on camera, you know he's actually going even faster in person.  And just about every single clip after that one could easily be a video part ender, which just makes his return to the super sketchy steep bank unbelievably terrific in every way. Major props to Josh!

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