Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Dudes with Nicknames #4: Furby (Ramiro Salcedo)

I'm not sure how Furby got his nickname, but it is definitely clear that Ramiro Salcedo has been retired as a name. Never have I heard Furby be referenced by any other name than Furby, and with its catchiness it's bound to last him the rest of his career. (Does Deathwish have nickname prerequisites?)
Now Furby has got one of the illest styles in skateboarding: with all of his many fliptricks he's got the perfect pop and flick, and somehow manages to stomp his tricks down while still looking like he's bouncing on the clouds with light feet.  Not to mention he looks like a straight G in whatever he does. He's got his 180 fliptricks in any stance or direction on lock and never fails to put out really great footage. While his latest Deathwish video part was instantly my favorite from the video, his skills and consistency are really shown in his 420 part (above) which was filmed in less than 20 days! Also worthy mentioning this part from Supra where Furby once again goes off with stylish tricks.

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