Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Dudes with Nicknames #3: Lizard King (Mike Plumb)

Continuing the trend of great nicknames from the Deathwish squad, Mike Plumb (AKA Lizard King) is up next.  From what I've gathered the origin of the name is like this: Lizard was skating at a park back in the day and one of his favorite skaters at the time,"Pumpkin King", came up to him randomly and called him Lizard, the Lizard King. The name's stuck ever since, and when I say stuck I really mean it.  The only time Mike Plumb comes out is when Lizard's being interviewed and is forced to give up his original name. I'm assuming the Lizard part came from his ability to ride on walls and on obstacles most people shouldn't be able to. Just take a look at the May 2009 issue of Transworld for a prime example.
Lizard does stay true to him name quite often in his video parts, coming up with some pretty hairy ideas for whatever spots he comes to.  Just look at the very first trick in his shared part with Theotis in Baker has a Deathwish, as well as a couple sketchy wallie tricks from 0:30. Then there's his Real Street part (above) from this past year along with his Deathwish video part which both have more of the crazy use of spots with Lizard's abilities to handle anything sketchy with a passion-filled eagerness and ease.

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