Thursday, October 3, 2013

Dudes with Nicknames #2: Frecks (Sean Stewart)

Now Frecks is still somewhat ambiguous to me because I really haven't seen much from him other than his Radio Television part (above) and a few mentions here and there over the years in magazines and online.  I have no clue where or when he deviated away from Sean Stewart and became Frecks, but either way, if it weren't for the brief Check In article in Transworld (September 2013 I believe) about Frecks I would have never remembered of him. Through that I finally found out his original name and because he's kept that nickname strong while staying somewhat off the radar, Sean Stewart will not likely be mentioned much if at all down the road.
All I know about Frecks is that he fits with Slave perfectly as he just thrashes around on his board, coupling a rugged yet graceful style with a crazed demeanor of just going for it.  Working in old school tricks with the "standard" ones of today, Frecks attacks a lot of different spots with fun-to-watch moves. The part above is definitely worth watching as a whole just for that all out ripping vibe.

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