Friday, October 4, 2013

Dudes with Nicknames #1: Willow (Christoph Wildgrube)

Christoph Wildgrube is definitely not an easy name for implementation into the skate industry, so it's a good thing that Willow's school teacher saw the resemblance to Willow Ufgood from the movie and started one of the best nicknames in skateboarding. It's comfortable (dare I say "fun") to say and has worked well with Almost's board graphics. Willow is definitely well recognized in the industry, especially for being European, and his nickname is a sure aid to that.
Willow is definitely one of my favorites for his wonderful fliptricks and style.  He's put out quite a good deal of good footage and video parts over the past few years around his leaving Flip, getting on Almost, and turning pro. So to highlight him, check out his going pro part above (Willow's World) as well as his 5-Incher part, which has possibly my favorite skate video song of all time. It's cool that you can notice an exchange of kickflips from 5-Incher to heelflips in Willow's World for some particular spots, or at least an overall shift of those main tricks and their variations. Willow's definitely got one of the most appealing flicks for his tricks so it's always enjoyable to watch these two parts of his, as well as Willow's other full parts and commercials that he has put out.

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