Sunday, October 20, 2013

Next Week: Mini Ramp Skaters

Skating a mini ramp is probably the easiest way to have a fun session with your homies. Basically as long as you can ride a little bit of transition, you can skate a mini ramp. Everyone usually has their preferred tricks and it's fun to see how long someone can keep a line going. Now when it comes to the sponsored skaters in the industry, it seems like everyone can at least do a few solid tricks because at some point they've come across a quarter at a park. But there are a few elite mini ramp skaters that can do tricks and lines that no one else can with a style that exudes comfort coming from years of skating a mini ramp. At that level, skating a mini becomes second nature so the pros can really branch out with their tricks. This week I'll look at my top 5 mini ramp skaters.
Before going into this week's top 5, here are some other guys that kill it on a mini:
Jordan Hoffart and Josh Hawkins are basically best buds that have skated quite a few mini ramps and transitions together. They have some really cool tricks and styles of their own so they're always fun to watch.
Shawn Hale is one of my favorites to watch skate a mini ramp. He has some of the craziest tricks (on any size transition for that matter) like the fakie tre noseblunt that gets me every time, and also knows how to flow a mini really well with some very fun tricks.
I hadn't heard of Mike Davis before his One Am part, but I was instantly blown away at his completely relaxed style and creative bag of tricks. He can smoothly flow around a mini ramp with his great style, and then come out with mind blowing tricks like a front 360 ollie to blunt to fakie, a big heel front noseblunt, and a switch big flip back noseblunt! That is a quite a mouthful, but luckily enough my jaw has already dropped from those tricks...

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