Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Mini Ramp Skaters #3: Chris Haslam

Trying to write a description for Chris Haslam is extremely hard, considering the years of mini ramp skating he has under his belt. His timeless part in Cheese and Crackers above is enough to satisfy the needs of 10 hungry skate nerds for at least a week, considering there are tricks in there like a blunt triple kickflip. While Chris can almost without exaggeration probably do any trick suggested to him on a mini ramp, he can easily do any sort of blunt variation with an unnatural consistency (unnatural in the sense that it's not fair that he's as skilled as this, not in the sense of criticizing his style because there are no faults there at all). For proof, check out Chris nailing blunt after blunt after blunt after blunt after blunt...and just try to keep count. The fact that he ended the sequence of 200+ blunts with a kickflip out is just laugh-out-loud, jaw-droppingly stunning.
While those two videos alone will forever have me convinced that Haslam has been anointed with some holy skateboarding oil, he also demonstrates how even when just relaxing for a fun session at a skatepark he can still come up with the illest lines and tricks like no one else. Just look at these easy sessions at Welcome Park, Picnic Skatepark, and on the road with the Bones team.
On top of that, with his heavy bag of dorky and unheard of flip tricks, he can do plenty of mini ramp tricks away from the coping. Take this nollie big heel in Africa for starters. Only have enough plywood for a 2-foot width? No problem! Mr. Haslam will gladly take this opportunity to flawlessly nail a nollie big heel with more control than Kendrick Lamar.
All of these clips are just small tastes of what Haslam can do, so after checking these out, go get lost in the Youtube vortex of Chris's godly mini ramp skating.

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