Monday, October 21, 2013

Mini Ramp Skaters #5: Ben Hatchell

There are skaters that can seriously rip up some transition with huge transfers and the ability to absolutely carve around bowls. Ben Hatchell is one of those skaters, but at the same time, he has the ability to perform some of the craziest "straight-on" lip tricks and destroy mini ramps with an all-too-comfortable style. Ben's got some tricks like no one else such as his feeble 270 outs (with no arm wavering or speed loss whatsoever) or his cab hurricanes that involve way too much spinning to come out as smoothly as he does. He's also got 540s and tons of blunt variations on lock. Watching him skate and seeing his trick variations is way too appealing, so I am really looking forward to what he has in store for Cold War. Meanwhile, above is a sweet line (mainly because of two tricks) that regardless of missing what would've been an unbelievable ender shows some really great tricks. When he skated Clint Peterson's ramp, he starts off with two of his perfect on-lock tricks and later comes out with moves like switch front feebles and switch stalefishes that impressed me, not to mention some other of his great tricks. This other mini ramp session shows more of his ease with blunt variations and other "simpler" tricks. And even though when Chris Ray Recaptured Ben it was on more of bowl obstacles and not mini ramps, the tricks are way too good to not mention: fakie big spin blunt kickflip, blunt kickflip at the famous tranny spot on possibly the largest extension possible, no comply front blunt, covering distance on a long back smith to feeble fakie, and a really gnarly gritty jersey barrier back noseblunt nollie backside flip out.

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