Friday, October 25, 2013

Mini Ramp Skaters #1: Dave Bachinsky

The greatest irony about how good Dave Bachinsky is at mini ramp skating is that he has done arguably the most iconic gap trick in skateboarding. Nevertheless, he comes up with the most insane tricks and lines on a mini ramp like no one else. From manualing in between lips like some THPS trick to probably being the only guy to utilize the caballerial heelflip and fakie inward big heel as tricks on a mini ramp, Dave can really do it all. The first time my mind was blown by his mini ramps skills was in this Hubba video above: Bachinsky Gone Wild. And most recently he released The Formula on the Berrics and somehow has progressed mini ramp skating even more than his already. Again, like Daewon and Haslam, I feel like the most justice done to Dave would be just to present these two outstanding video parts and let the sweet mini ramp skating speak for itself.

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