Thursday, October 24, 2013

Mini Ramp Skaters #2: Daewon Song

Now I know Daewon has been the subject of a lot of blog posts lately, but that's what happens when you're Daewon Song. He is particularly good in a lot of areas of skating to say the least, with mini ramp skating being one of them. To keep things simple, I will only highlight Daewon's standout part in Cheese and Crackers (above).  There are way too many random clips online that showcase Daewon's undeniable talent on a mini ramp, so it's better just to mention Cheese and Crackers because it centered a full Almost video on solely mini ramp skating.
Daewon, like Haslam, has way too much control over his blunts, allowing for insane variations like the triple blunt at 0:51 of his New Year's Dae Bonus Trailer or the blunt bigger flip. Not only lip tricks, but as seen in Cheese and Crackers, Daewon can handle just about anything thrown in his way on a mini ramp from tires to blinding curtains to sketchily crafted above-coping rails. And still to this day I don't think I've seen anyone else come up with shifting double grab judo tricks like Daewon airs out oh-so-well above the coping.

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