Saturday, September 7, 2013

Video of the Week: Raul Navarro - Adidas

For the weekend, I decided to pick this video part of Raul Navarro for Adidas that went up on Tuesday. I had somewhat heard of Raul from Adidas before through his Diagonal part and when he was in the Adidas International Team Montage (that cab flip at 3:21 has been cemented into my memory). Being off the radar for most skaters, Raul pretty much defines that OG European tech style: fast, assertive pushes, and really capitalizing on the use of shove it tricks.  To me, watching the typical tech skater now is for the most part like "kickflip back tail, and now let's see what craziness he can do out of it".  So when someone uses shove its and 180s in super technical tricks, it's really refreshing to watch. (Shoutout to JB Gillet as well). Tricks like these help you see just how much control someone has.  The fakie pop shove at 2:40 and the cab noseblunt to regular at 3:13 stick out to me for their cleanliness and for how properly they were done. Overall, really a fun watch thanks to Raul's one of a kind style and trick selection and the consistently beautiful editing from Adidas.

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