Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Favorite Video Parts #4: Austyn Gillette - Origin

Before Austyn started turning into Dylan Rieder (with what I'd call at this point an exaggerated style, that while still more appealing than a lot of styles, hopefully doesn't reach that "too cool for anyone" status), he had an organic flow that just worked perfectly.  And back when Habitat released their video Origin, Austyn hadn't yet blown up to the big name he is today.  In fact, I'd seen relatively little footage of him at all, but the Habitat ads and short clips leading up to this part were really intriguing.  So when Austyn flies in for a quick back 180 the hard way up some stairs as the very first trick in the part, I know some sweet skating's about to go down.  I must point out the line at 0:47 because when you make a front 180  look that good, only to follow with a switch back noseblunt, you're reminded that you don't need the most stairs or most flip tricks into ledge combos to make skating exciting.  A beautiful heelflip at 1:59 balances out the trick selection, and the double bump to bars at 2:10 blew my mind at first as to how he can keep his speed and composure through the second one.  The line at 3:10 is what made me an Austyn fan, iconifying the concept that less is more.

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