Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Favorite Video Parts #3: Mark Suciu - Cross Continental

Again, much like the other videos of this week, the music behind this part really works perfectly with the skating. Beirut's "The Rip Tide" blends with Habitat's art direction and pulls you into the part, calming you down just enough to just sit back ready to be in awe at Suciu's smooth and technical abilities. This is later followed by Elliot Smith's "Junk Bond Trader" which gives off that feeling of fun creativity as the shredding continues. The timing of the song to his switch backside flip to start the part is almost cathartic in the way that I feel jealous but totally stoked at the same time.  The extra little rewinding 180s in the line at 0:55 is what I now personify Mark with: that quick-footed style that never seems to get old no matter how much footage he puts out.  I feel like a lot of people get tired of watching some skaters because they're too robotic or too predictable with their tricks.  This is exactly where Mark Suciu comes in. He provides that spontaneous and unexpected addition to his tricks and cleverly crafted lines, like a bonus 180 out of a grind or a random wallie just to hit an obstacle you normally wouldn't.  Cross Continental is filled with these welcomed little surprise tricks, some of my favorites include the backside flip at 1:17, immediately followed by a fun pop out of a back lip at 1:20, the back noseblunt front 270 in at 2:29, the extra pivot to finish the line at 3:43, and somehow throwing in a switch back noseblunt down a handrail at 5:06.  Not only the fast feet and creative tricks, but for the record he also throws down a switch feeble and a switch smith grind down handrails.  If all this isn't enough excitement yet, there's no way not to LOVE Mark's varial heelflip ender.

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