Thursday, September 5, 2013

Favorite Video Parts #2: Andrew Reynolds - Stay Gold

Emerica knows how to make me smile.  Just starting off with the sound of running water mixed with "Om Nashi Me" from E.S. and the Magnetic Zeros provides that soothing feeling, which is only amplified by Andrew enjoying time with his daughter while cruising around his backyard park.  It's the same happiness displayed here in the intro that you later feel with every trick as Reynolds somehow defies the laws of aging and effortlessly crushes skateboarding's largest and most historical gaps.  When a part starts with a frontside half cab flip down Carlsbad (later followed by a switch back heel down it as well at 2:19), you're instantly hooked and understand exactly why he's The Boss.  I could probably write about every clip with how perfectly it contributes to this epic part as a whole. (Don't worry, I won't.)  But Reynolds comes through with the ideal balance of heelflip tricks with his iconic [frontside] kickflips, super solid lines that show his powerful style and pop, and the nice array of handrail/ledge/gap tricks we all love him for.  For some specifics, the nollie inward heel (to close a line nonetheless) at 1:27 and the fakie tre down the same gap are two of my favorite tricks in this part for the way Reynolds flicks and catches both.  When the music changes at 3:13, I felt a definitive change in the part where everything that follows was nothing short of an absolute banger. This was a hard statement to make considering all that has already happened, but when I watched this for the first time with my friend Steve, we just sat in silence awestruck at every clip to come for the rest of the part. Getting two clips at a few of these spots, Reynolds hits the big ones: Wallenberg, the ATL 5 block, Bercy 5, Hollywood High 16, UC Davis Ivy Gap.  Every single trick here is utter perfection. But you wouldn't expect anything less from The Boss.

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