Friday, September 6, 2013

Favorite Video Parts #1: Jake Johnson - Mind Field

Coming from Jersey and living in Newark, I really respect the way some skaters make East Coast spots look like standard obstacles at the skatepark.  Jake Johnson filmed what seems like most of his part in the New York area, and I didn't notice anywhere the typical ledges or sets you see in California. That in and of itself makes this part extremely appealing to watch with all the grittiness and difficulty you'd expect from East Coast spots.  Combine that with Jake's raw shredding power and Alien Workshop's memorably unique editing, and out comes one of the most aesthetically pleasing displays of skateboarding I've seen.
Jake covers it all with strength and finesse, something you don't see too often with tall dudes like him.  The ride on 50-50 at 1:46 looks sketchy to begin with, but no problem for this guy to go switch apparently. Later on you'll see Jake flying through a speedy back 180 at 1:58, a classy Easy Coast trick at 2:03 (just kept on pushing through those streets), and a baller fakie heel at 2:19 at the Banks that is just unfair to have down like that.  Jake must be ready for marriage with the way he's committed to the kickflip back lip at the Black Hubbas at 2:25, which are a lot more intimidating in person that I'd imagine. Jake's switch pop is super entertaining to watch, particularly at 2:45 when he switch back 50s the bench (in a line!) and then decides to go switch over the rail at 3:38 because going over the top regular has been done too much already.  And to top it all off, Jake throws down an enormous double set wallride at 3:21 and closes everything with a huge switch one.  Man it must feel good to skate like that...

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