Friday, February 21, 2014

Random Teams #1: Silver Trucks

Silver Trucks has always had a pretty diverse team. From back in the day to now, there have been plenty of team rider switchups, most notably P-Rod, Nick Tucker, and Felipe Gustavo to Venture, but there are still some original team riders on Silver to this day. Plus, with a few very recent additions to the team like Chad Tim Tim, Matt Bennett, and Ryan Gallant, the crew is shaping up to not only include a bunch of different guys from the industry's standpoint, but to include a really stylish and technical team as well. Silver Trucks sticks out to me as having a "random" team of skaters because there are truck companies like Independent and Venture and Thunder that have way too many riders to count. Then there are the tight-knit distribution companies like Crailtap's Royal and Dwindle's Tensor. Granted there are always exceptions but for the most part those companies make sense as far as the team riders go. Silver has spread its grasp over many distributions' riders and put them together for one of the more precision, technical-oriented teams out there.
Check out the most recent team montage (above) I could find from Silver with a good portion of the dudes that are currently on the team. Just imagine what a full length video from this crew would be like...

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