Sunday, February 16, 2014

Next Week: Random Teams

Skateboarding has its cliques for sure. Pretty much all deck companies define a group of close friends that will be skating together regardless of contracts. Look at DGK, Sk8mafia, or Plan B. Those are some tight knit crews and the brand image stands out because of that. On the other hand, especially with tons of new brands popping up in the industry these days, there are some teams that gather a bunch of skaters you would never expect to skate together. I always look at what Transworld's done over the years with their videos: they bring together 5/6 guys that may have only met once or twice before and have them session for a full year with each other. In no way is this a bad thing, getting skaters "out of their comfort zone". So the new brands coming out lately are blending the lines of teams within the skateboarding community, allowing us video-viewers to enjoy quite a variety of crew vibes. This week, I'll be going through my Top 5 Random Teams that are mixing together skaters from everywhere in the industry.

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