Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Random Teams #5: Nike SB

Sure, Nike's one of the largest companies in skateboarding right now (which is a whole new topic in itself). But would you guess that some of its riders would ever come together if it weren't for the swoosh? Looking at just the American team that is. Because of how prominent Nike is, and how diverse it's already become, a new addition to the team won't leave anyone saying, "Oh that new guy doesn't fit right". It's built itself up in skateboarding by spreading through to just about every kind of skater: the Street Leaguers (P-Rod, Shane, Malto, Luan, Ishod), the seasoned vets (Koston, Lance, Gino, even BA), and then about 20 other guys that you really can't categorize. From Cory Kennedy to Chet Childress to Wieger Van Wageningen to Justin Brock to Theotis Beasley and to Daniel Shimizu, just to name a few, you already have a bunch of styles and personalities you'd never really think of putting together. Even the ams cover a good range of the "types" of skaters you can find: Donovan Piscopo, Clark Hassler, Kevin Bradley, Youness Amrani, and Trevor Colden. From style to uniqueness to precision to consistency, Nike's really covered it all.
Apart from their full length videos and the trips surrounding those, most of these guys I never really see hang out together. So it's really cool to see clips like the day at the park above where guys on the team come together for some pretty eclectic sessions.

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