Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Random Teams #3: Asphalt Yacht Club

When AYC was first introduced by Stevie Williams, the man behind the whole brand, it made a big impact on the internet. And for good reason too. A lineup as "stacked" as AYC's is deserving of some head turns not only because of the diversity within the team, but because of how many gnarly parts they've collectively put out. While John Rattray may have been looking for a common thread within his seemingly random NB recruits, you could almost say Stevie was building Noah's Ark with AYC. There's the Baker pair, the two DGKs, a couple of handsome ams, and Nyjah and Janoski as the industry heavies. And then Jaws is the potential wild card, but even so, he adds so much to the general gnarliness of the team and its diversity. With the way the team's set up now, anyone ripping in skateboarding would fit in just fine with this myriad of guys.
I have to give props to Stevie and AYC too for actually being proactive and taking the whole team on two tours already (minus one guy both times, but still...), more than some teams do in two years. To come out with clips in Miami and in the Southwest (above) are exactly what everyone would want from such a stacked team. A full length video is always the most appreciated way of showcasing an amazing team, but for a brand new brand with two solid tour videos under its belt, things are looking pretty good for AYC.

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