Monday, February 3, 2014

Next Week: Name Changers

I've already gone through my Top 5 skaters with full-on Nicknames, where the nickname overrides their actual name in the industry. Side note: I feel the need to give honorable mention to Beagle - Ryan Ewing - as well because I forgot him in the original list. That's a nickname that stuck if there ever was one.
This week I thought it'd be cool to go through a Top 5 guys that actually changed their name. I'm not talking about guys like Furby, Frecks, Moose, etc. Those are distinctively nicknames because not only are most of them single titles, but there's an added playfulness to those names that you can tell isn't official whatsoever. But there are guys out there that maintain the fake first name + last name together so much that you can't tell if that's their birth name or not. Though it's not super critical when it comes to the act of skateboarding, these are nice tidbits of trivia that I thought would be cool to put together in a Top 5 list. And it'll be much clearer once these Name Changers are introduced...

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