Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Name Changers #3: Cairo Foster

Cairo Foster's been around for a minute and is a pretty well-known name in skateboarding. I first found out about Cairo in Fully Flared (above), where he killed it with a really solid part. The name was unique for sure but not so strangely different that it ever raised any flags for not being a birth name. Sometime after then I heard the name Roger slip out (I have no clue by who or where I remember hearing that) and still couldn't find a straight up confirmation from the man himself. According to the Chrome Ball Incident, Cairo received his new name at about 16 from his friends he skated with, after having lived in the corresponding city for a good portion of his life. So only through a close friend's account of a session with Cairo and the RVCA squad did I find any confirmation that his first name is indeed Roger. Congrats are in order for Mr. Roger Foster for keeping such a convincing first name replacement for all this time and still staying prominent in the skate world.

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