Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Name Changers #4: Chewy Cannon

I first heard about Chewy with his standout part in Diagonal. The name is unique enough, or for this matter playfully unrealistic enough, that it sticks out and is easy to remember. Since then I really gave the full name "Chewy Cannon" no double take and just went with it. But when he came back on the radar with his sweet Transmission part (above) at the start of this year, it got me thinking about his actual name. Chewy only works as a nickname in Star Wars so I knew there had to be some story behind Mr. Cannon. Didn't find a full interview about the matter but according to Kingpin and some other random photographers and friends posting online, the real name is Lewis/Louis Cannon. The Chewy-Louie theory makes the most sense. Still not sure about the correct spelling but the name is there regardless. In the skate industry, Lewis/Louis is probably more evanescent than the hundreds of web clips coming out every day. Chewy Cannon is much easier to remember.

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