Friday, February 7, 2014

Name Changers #1: Boo Johnson

Even though Transworld had an interview with Boo Johnson a few years ago regarding his name, I didn't realize that his first name was Jakel until his latest New Jack interview in The Skateboard Mag. Again, just another one of those names that stuck when he was young. Keeping Jakel would've been interesting for the alliterative full name, but Boo is definitely one of those "nicknames"/name changes that is bound to catch someone's ear. And it makes sense: he's definitely well-known and enlisted by a heavy collection of sponsors. Obviously he kills it on his board, but there's no way a catchy name like Boo isn't going to help with his status in the industry too.

Watch Boo whip out some crazy tricks with effortless style in his Recruit part above!

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