Saturday, September 21, 2013

Video of the Week: Manolo Robles - Forward Slash Remix

I've only ever really seen Manolo Robles in his Darkstar Forward Slash clips and through his DC Spain Introduction Video, but he is without a doubt one of the most technical skaters out there. Though the distance across the Atlantic may limit his exposure, the clips that have come through to most of our computers are ridiculously technical and impressive.  When he starts spewing out tricks that were other skaters' video part enders, and then backs those up with NBDs on NBDs, he deserves the spotlight for a while.  Every little variation makes you appreciate each individual trick that he somehow combines all into one fluid trick. So to highlight this week's output of skate videos, Manolo Robles will demonstrate the potential of technical ledge tricks.
(See this link for higher quality video.)

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