Sunday, September 15, 2013

Next Week: Return to the Radar

Some guys consistently come out with new video parts, new commercials, or new coverage these days. But on the other hand, there are guys that put out a video part every 2,3, 4, or more years with only a select few ads for their sponsors here and there.  These guys are still some of the most pleasing to watch and everyone would love to see more of them. It's a give and take situation: while we would love to see a new video part or just some coverage, the fact that they're off the skateboarding industry's radar makes them that much more desirable (kind of like girls in high school, you want what you can't have).  This week I'll go through my top 5 guys I would love to see return to the spotlight soon, but for now I would also like to mention a few guys relating to this same topic.
Nick Dompierre went off the radar for a while after his shared part with Ernie Torres in Since Day One, which was honestly one of my favorite parts of the whole video.  After some family issues, a broken neck, and some drug-related issues occurred, Nick was basically kicked off of DC and Real and started frighteningly falling away from the industry (which is better explained with Nick's "comeback interview" that also features some of his gnarly skating made smooth). So I can't really include him in this week's features because he has actually been looking really solid lately hanging out with Joey Brezinksi and the Puma crew as well as getting a bunch of park clips such as his Bangin. All the best to Nick though, keep up the good work!
I would like to include Scott Decenzo in this list, but I already mentioned his vAmdalism part last week. I also am trying to sustain my hope that he is holding back on footage and coverage to absolutely blow our minds when the Plan B video eventually drops (I swear it's like Dre's Detox album...)
Bobby Worrest is another guy I would love to see more coverage from.  I loved his Right Foot Forward part and his es Edgar part (RIP eS shoes).  He's got a great switch 360 flip and coming from DC lets him utilize his many tricks and spontaneously fluid style to skate a great selection of spots, which makes his video parts so awesome.  These parts were both relatively recent so I can't quite put him in the spotlight for being off of it for too long, if that makes sense.
And I can't forget to include Antwuan Dixon. His notorious Baker 3 part still is used as a reason why he has one of the best styles in the game.  I would absolutely love to have seen him in the Deathwish video, but to be honest, after very little there or even in Chicken Bone Nowison or Bake and Destroy, I hate to say it but I doubt we'll see a full video part from him in the future.  That may be a pessimistic claim, and I really hope it's untrue, but I'm not expecting anything from him.
Now the 5 guys I am presenting to you next week, I am definitely expecting some parts in the future from them and very eager to see what they have in store.

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