Thursday, September 19, 2013

Return to the Radar #2: Kenny Hoyle

You can never get too much Kenny Hoyle.  As much as I've probably praised styles beforehand, Kenny's style is undeniably fun to watch and really never gets old.  I could watch him switch heel or kickflip all day, but what's great is that he has such a large bag of tricks that there is no chance of getting bored of his skating. Kenny's put out some great video parts the past 5 years or so, all starting back to his standout part in It's Official.  The Jesus Walks instrumental in the background works perfectly with every trick he stomps.  The switch backside flip along the sidewalk grass gap early in the part at 0:34 is just so buttery, and the tini dirt-hop rollaway and strobe effects really get me psyched up every time I watch the part.  From the varial heel at 0:57 to the nollie inward heel at 1:06, and then 7 back to back flip tricks down some gaps starting at 1:16, his gap-tricks are utter perfection.  To top it off, he's got great pop, a tight ledge game, and even hits some handrails too.  Also, from 2:00 to the end of the part, Kenny goes back to an all-out stairset and gap flip trick frenzy with tricks popped and caught like they were done on flat.
Definitely one of my favorite all around full length videos, And Now couples great music selection to great skating and Kenny's part (above) is an instant standout.  Just like the strobe effect at the start of his It's Official part, the little nollie taps at 0:09 after the nollie crook and tre flip add to the anticipation and excitement for the skating to come.  I always remember the varial heelflip at 1:37 from an Expedition ad and because it once again cannot look any better like most of Kenny's stair tricks.  The nollie big flip to finish the downhill line at 2:01 seems like the trickiest (for lack of a better word) idea to try there but he pulls it off with impressive ease.  And again, he ends the part with a beauty of a hardflip at 3:40.
While I could pick apart more and more of Kenny's part and his skating, I will leave it to these two parts because they are what made me an everlasting fan and what still stick out in my head today.  But I do have to mention a seriously ripping series of clips from DVS's Dudes Dudes Dudes, once again another terrific part for turning pro in Madness by Expedition, followed up by more superior quality Bonus Madness (Mike Mo's Pretty Sweet song!), and most recently his Detention at Da Playground (end trick is pure awesomeness!).  
Now Kenny's been pro for a good 2/3 years and has had a few small clips here and there, such as the Detention clip.  But with a natural talent like that and the ability to make all of his tricks look easy and appealing, I would really like to see some new footage from Kenny.  Like I said before, you can never get too much Kenny Hoyle.  

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