Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Return to the Radar #4: Sascha Daley

When I first heard of Sascha Daley through a couple of Mystery ads in the magazine a few years ago, I was already intrigued because of the size of the obstacles he'd skate.  Then his Color Theory / Mystery Introduction part (above) came out and my jaw hit the floor.  Big gaps, big rails, and even some stylish lower impact skating really solidified this guy in the industry's spotlight for some good time when the part dropped.  I was really hoping for big things for this guy, especially being part of Black Box. Now that the Mystery squad seems to be somewhat falling apart, I sincerely hope Sascha is able to still make it further in the skate world. Even though his all-around skating abilities are without a doubt present, I am questioning whether or not he's been working on getting clips for the public to see, especially since I haven't seen anything from him since that part aside for a few tricks in the Mystery Team Montage (for David Reyes' Intro and Windsor James turning pro). Granted, Sascha continues his smooth skating on huge handrails (one in particular with a sketchy end kink) and over tall gaps and stomps quite possibly one of the biggest and best backside flips done the hard way over a popular CA schoolyard handrail at 4:37.  Despite the solid clips, it's just not enough to satiate my skate palate knowing his potential.
Looking back on his Color Theory part, it's impressive how casually Sascha held his nosegrind through the kinks at 1:12, which probably coincides with how controlled he is when attacking big gaps to handrails and such.  And the simultaneously sketchy and gnarly 50-50 at 1:45 will always be nuts (Sorry David, but dedicating a full 40 seconds to landing the same trick backside with a questionable landing is just visual overkill, especially considering what Sascha has already done 3 years ago.)  Even the crazy rail at 2:00 that he boardslides just looks impossible, and the little balancing waver makes it that much more exciting to watch (mad props to Brandon Westgate in MADE for being the next guy to conquer that rail). And once again, the ender backside flip down the triple 5 set at 2:46 was the first trick I remember down that set, and to this day still stands as a pretty awesome trick at that spot.  When a guy like Sascha is destroying spots that still are challenging guys today, that definitely says something.  And I cannot forget to mention the QUINTUPLE SET OLLIE at 2:30.  No words can describe the magnitude of a trick like that.
So to sum up, please come back Sascha!

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