Thursday, January 2, 2014

Flow Bros to Blow Up #2: Chris Joslin

Chris Joslin is undeniably good at skateboarding. You knew he had a sweet assortment of fliptricks down stairs already with his Bang Yo Self entry from a couple years back. And then early this year he had a very memorable section in the Bones team montage for New Ground that made its way around the web. Big spinning the well-known triple-5-set and backside 360 kickflipping down Rincon will definitely go down in the spot bibles for skating, but also should put Chris on everyone's radar with his ability to shut down famous spots with heavy tricks. Then this summer you saw Chris unleash his huge bag of tricks at the Berrics through the Distreeto/Ground Control shared United Nations and his own personal Recruit. A serious dosage of seemingly endless fliptricks provides some solid entertainment for the eyes and makes you wonder how good he probably is at flatground.
And then there is his footage-filled Ground Control part (above). Though the repetitive editing techniques can get somewhat annoying when it comes to the full experience of watching the part, Chris's skill and variety definitely stand out. The spot diversity from this part also helps enhance Chris's status as not solely a gap skater, but there are of course plenty of awesome gap fliptricks that really steal the show. Utilizing all stances (except fakie I guess, but that's nitpicking a bit), a healthy mix of heelflips, shove its, kickflips, and spinning tricks, and never ceasing to land cleanly, the many great clips are on par with the ams and pros of today.
After coming through with all this great footage the past year and a half or so, it only makes sense that Chris has been seen with the Plan B squad, who's known for breeding skate rats like this with bangin footage. These clips give me the feeling that he is another footage machine and can easily churn out some more heavy bangers for 2014. And my prediction is that with the release of the now-mythical, long-awaited Plan B video, Chris will start off the video with an unlisted "surprise" introductory part, similar to Jeremy Leabres in Emerica's Made. I hope I'm right because I think it would be the perfect time for Chris to step up from flow to the official team at Plan B.

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