Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Flow Bros to Blow Up #3: CJ Tambornino

I'm going to try to keep this post short because loads of time will needed to be dedicated to just wrapping your head around some, or actually most of the tricks that CJ Tambornino somehow pulls out. His fliptrickery level is quite possibly one of the most elaborate in all of skateboarding, so the fact that he is still flow is mindboggling. But to be fair, getting boards from Almost does seem pretty fitting because he is definitely setting his own standards for creativity and uniqueness in skateboarding. Some guys just have absolutely ridiculous, can't-even-be-done-in-video-games kind of tricks, but to be able to do those tricks with a really fun looking style (and still be able to NO COMPLY OVER A PICNIC TABLE - see Almost's 5-Incher video in full below) is just not fair. NBD's coming everywhere, it's much easier to list CJ's parts and some clips and let you explore the technical wizardry that ensues:
-Boondoggle, where a switch backside big spin inward heelflip (for lack of an easier name) may be the nuttiest trick. Compared to his later parts, this one is really quite subdued but still tops loads of tech video parts today and includes some pretty cool spots as well.
-Flow Trash (above), CJ's wildest full length part for sure
-Bangin, where it becomes super challenging to even name or decipher the tricks he does
-5-Incher, CJ's insanity starting at 18:06

I'd also like to point out that amidst all of his switch/nollie, double/triple flips, and inward big spinning craziness, CJ's standard tricks are also on point. He's really on a completely different level so I wouldn't be surprised if in 2014 he comes out with his full introductory part to Almost.

And for a nice visual shocker, there's this:

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