Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Flow Bros to Blow Up #4: Brandon Del Bianco

Brandon Del Bianco has been "associated" with Element for quite some time it seems. Maybe it's the whole Canadian thing, I don't know, but I know that he deserves some legit recognition by now. For one thing, Brandon's really good. His trick selection is super tight, as you can see by his Bangin at the Berrics alone: a good mix of kickflips, heelflips, different grinds, and all the stances. Brandon's segment from Minor Media's United Nations continues to show his varied and flavorful bag of tricks, with that switch inward heel and fakie ollie switch smith both jumping out of the norm and his ender nollie cab flip off the bump still blowing my mind. You can already see Brandon's super unique and rather clean style from these clips, but one of the first experiences I had was watching his Mag Minute (above). Again, tons of variety with his clips (from huge gaps to tech ledge tricks to handrails to fluid lines), a terrific usage of spots, and a fun style to go along with it. I want to emphasize this because his final switch backside flip, down a considerably big gap, is caught unlike anything I've seen before. His back foot is boned out a bit away from the board and then just swings around with the rest of his rotation to put down the board on the ground. And it's not like that swinging motion results in a heavy stomp on the landing, but Brandon does all this and still lands lighter than a feather. And this was all 3 years ago.
Then there's a few full length parts from Brandon. A straight up solid part in Oskar Material starting at 14:55. The Prodrone Promo continues the expansion of his bag of tricks. The nollie pop shove it nose manual near the end looks like one of the scariest things ever. And Brandon's Slub Bucks part, though somewhat lengthily shared, includes some more heavy bangers and really cool tricks, just like any of his parts really. And his ender nollie cab flip might just be one of the best ones of all time.
This dude is extremely versatile and has a style all to his own. I really don't know why he hasn't blown up yet. I know Element is a decently selective brand, but still, when a guy skates as well as Brandon he deserves some full on sponsorship. So I think, after his fairly consistent output of footage over the past years, 2014 will be a good one for Brandon, assuming he's been stacking more sick footage since his last couple parts. After roughly two years since his last big part (from what I've tracked anyway) it's about that time for his big blow up part with Element.

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