Monday, November 16, 2015

Bank over Fence Tricks

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With the #CraziestFrontsideFlip in question, it's worth revisiting the high five tricks powerfully floated over what shouldn't be but now is a very tall fence spot.

1. Anthony Schultz - ollie - Pro Part for Slave (2011)

Starting it all off with what seemed to be jaw-droppingly impossible, Anthony Schultz clears this beast to cap off a terrific going pro part (4:14).

2. Dolan Stearns - frontside 180 - Lurkville's Meet The Lurkers (2013)

Dolan Stearns put out one of the best parts in the last few years with this video and shocked me way too many times with his gnarliness and speed. When a frontside 180 over this behemoth of a gap is in the middle of your part, you know you're doing something right (3:30).

3. Jordan Hoffart - kickflip - Stereophonic Sound Vol. 14 (2014)

So at this point, an ollie and a 180 are somewhat acceptable, in terms of possibility. The board stays under your feet the whole time, you just need an insane amount of power and speed. Still ridiculously gnarly. But who else than Jordan Hoffart to up the ante and truly make this a "spot" by kickflipping over this tall fence (2:37)? (Side note, Jordan has "upped the ante" on plenty of spots over the course of many years in his parts. I still don't know why he's not at some legendary status by now...)

4/5. Jordan Hoffart - frontside kickflip - Berrics part (2015)

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How can Jordan one-up himself on what shouldn't even be a spot?! This dude knows how to go fast and big really really well.

4/5. Collin Provost - frontside kickflip - Instagram footage (2015)

So when the Berrics presented Jordan's video part, they accompanied his insane ender by offering an Instagram contest for one's #CraziestFrontsideFlip. It just so happened that Collin Provost (who has already MADE one of the craziest frontside flips ever) had filmed a frontside flip over the exact same fence! The question on everyone's minds: who did it first? Jordan's video part was released before Collin's Instagram proof, yet some sleuthing with Jordan's reaction to the footage implies that Collin actually filmed his trick first. Regardless, both are beyond impressive and will go down together in skate history.

UPDATE: It seems like Collin Provost had a little something to prove to Jordan Hoffart, and he most definitely proves it in his short but oh-so-sweet part in Emerica's Made Chapter Two, closing off the part with a stunning hardflip over this same fence [complete with a skate-nerd-satisfyingly inadvertent tail tap on the fence]. Victory: Provost.

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