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UC Davis Ivy Gap

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While I'm keeping track of the Tricks Over the J-Kwon Ledge and Transworld has done some ABD Archives already, I feel like now is a great time to start a trick archive for the UC Davis Ivy Gap. (I may no longer be keeping the "High Five" format, but so be it.) So while I'm fairly sure I haven't missed any tricks done down this monster of a gap, comment if you see otherwise!

1. Jamie Thomas - ollie (around 1999)

The skate nerd in me is upset that I can't find the original video that this clip was in! But regardless, who else than the Chief would be better to open the gates to skating such a legendary gap. Jamie Thomas was the first to skate so many new gaps and rails beyond imagination at his time. To him, this was probably just another big ollie at a campus with other sweet spots. To us, it was the start of yet another landmark in skateboarding. 

2. Corey Duffel - frontside 180 (Osiris - Feed the Need, 2007)

Corey Duffel is a mad man, putting out some of the fastest skating and gnarliest stunts. His Feed the Need part from '07 is a staple in skateboarding and what better way to close out the crazy part than stepping up the possibilities at what was called the "Jamie Thomas" gap with a frontside 180

3. Devin Appelo - tuck knee grab (Transworld - And Now, 2008)

Devin Appelo made a name (at least in my mind) for hucking himself off some insane rooftops and down some deadly gaps. He really abided by the Hesh Law and in comparison was like what Jaws is today. Contributing to his repertoire of drops was this beautiful tuck knee from the friends section of And Now, with the grab being held longer than seemed "safe". 

4. Schuyler Ricketts - backside 180 (Transworld - Hallelujah, 2010)

This gap was solidified in my memory after Devin's tuck knee, so by the time I saw some random dude add the scary backside 180 in the middle of a Transworld video's friends section, like Devin, I was wondering if the gap was going to be "just another big gap". Nope. Still one epic monster. Schuyler's name shall be added to the books for this trick because it is hands down *ahem* one gnarly 180. Also check out some of his attempts for the trick.

5. Ryan Decenzo - switch frontside 180 (Transworld - Hallelujah, 2010)

Ryan Decenzo has added plenty of epic tricks to some well-known spots over his years: a nollie down El Toro and the kickflip crooked grind down the Stanford hubba to precede his UC Davis trick to name a couple. Chalk up another huge trick in his incredible Hallelujah part: a switch frontside 180 that only Ryan's compressible body could handle. It's funny that it just happens to be the second trick down the gap in one video, but stealing the thunder without a doubt.

Not only that, but Ryan attempted one heck of a frontside kickflip down the gap as well. Goodness gracious that would've been unbelievable! Who's going to be the first with two tricks down the gap...?

6. Andrew Reynolds - kickflip (Emerica - Stay Gold, 2010)

Released in the same year as Decenzo's switch 180 and Ricketts' back 180, Andrew Reynold's kickflip is as iconic as Bachinsky's down El Toro, if not more so. Being the first actual fliptrick down the gap (in either case) crosses a line too exciting to capture in words. Capping off one of my favorite video parts of all time, Reynolds legendary status as The Boss is reinforced 10-fold with this ender. Now the frontside flip battle royale between Decenzo and Reynolds would be very, very interesting indeed.

7. Chris Joslin - 360 kickflip (Plan B - True, 2014)

Chris Joslin had one heck of an "intro" to the Plan B team. I won't even begin to describe the level of awe I was left in after watching his True part, just to cap off an already ridiculous year. And what better way to close out his lengthy and gnarly part than 360 kickflip down the gap (with angles from Trevor and Felipe). After his Ground Control part and monumental Rincon trick, there was no doubt Chris was a legend in the making. From what I've heard so far about his couple tricks down Wallenberg, Chris has no intention of slowing down. That linked Rolling Stone interview actually shows how strategic he is about contributing to skateboarding's history through tricks like this, but it'd be best to leave it with his words: "Let's just say that the Davis gap was an appetizer for the future."

UPDATE: It was bound to happen, but add Jaws' kickflip melon to the list (from an ETN production). Tommy Gunz, we wanna see that frontside flip!

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