Saturday, April 26, 2014

Video of the Week: Filipe Ortiz in Tropicalients Na Braza

While other Blind dudes have been getting some coverage here and there since "Damn" came out, I haven't seen anything from Filipe. Now I know why. This new lengthy part shows that he's still skating hesh and stacking gnarly clips like few others. And the fact that he throws down some hammers on the roughest streets possible makes this new part a real nice refresher on how Filipe shreds.

In other news:
Trevor Colden is now pro for Skate Mental and despite what people say about the music he skates to, he is darn good and deserves the spot on the unique team.
James Hardy delivers the expected rugged and stylish skating in his Faith Skate Supply bonus part, really utilizing his home state to its potential.
Anthony Vega is Burnin' Footy in very exciting anticipation for his next part in LIVIN.
Leo Heinert has a Video Check Out with Transworld and after demolishing NYC in his welcome video for Torro, he continues to come through with pretty crazy city clips.
Taylor Kirby's Shep Dawgs Vol. 4 teaser part is a sick precursor to what might be one of the best homie videos ever.
Rambo fakie heelflips a picnic table for the House of Hammers, demonstrating a determination and tirelessness I haven't seen in many skaters. Despite some clip releasing issues, the whole story behind this pretty heavy notch in the picnic-table-belt is well worth the time.
Greg Lutzka has a short and sweet Spring Fling of new footage. It's relatively very little but it's nice to see some new tricks and footage outside of the contest circuit.

Now some nice B-Sides and redone older footage:
Barney Page - Excess Baggage from AB&A
Mike Manzoori - The Cinematographer Project
Dane Burman - Road Less Traveled Recut

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