Thursday, April 24, 2014

Video of Last Week: Koichiro Uehara in LENZ II

Koichiro Uehara's latest video part is a joy to watch. His quick feet are unparalleled by anyone else and to create an entire video part that keeps that quick rhythm is really incredible. This is the kind of part that makes you want to go skate and have fun.

Some other pretty awesome videos from last week:
Taylor Kirby - Shep Dawgs Tape Deck
Mike Anderson - Yellow Van Chronicles
Ryan Reyes - A Happy Medium 3
New Balance Numeric - Pinnytown
Max Murphy - VHS

And now for some solid remixes/B-Sides
Jim Greco - Deathwish Video Remix
Axel Cruysberghs - Excess Baggage from AB&A
Kevin Tierney and Dave Willis - Kings of New York Remix

And lastly, Kingpin had an article on the 10 Tricks Danny Montoya Did First, which was a spot-on tribute to a guy that is very underrated today. While people are trying to get more spins and more flips into their tech tricks today, Danny Montoya has always been a notch above the rest when it comes to technical and stylish creativity.

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