Saturday, March 29, 2014

Video of the Week: Jet Caputo in FOOTAGE PARTY

For some pretty random guy to come out with a part, an 8 minute part for that matter, and have it be worthy of multiple viewings takes some skill and luck. What caught me off guard was just how easy and fun the entire part felt, so that by the time he's actually dropping some hammers near the end you have to double take to realize it. Casual and enjoyable but also inventive and gnarly at the same time, Jet Caputo's part in FOOTAGE PARTY is one of those break out parts that's worthy of remembering.

Some other sweet videos:
Dillon Constantine - Video Check Out - a hammer-filled rail assault with a vigor you don't see too often
Ben Gore - SF Nights - a short and sweet part with all the right ingredients: SF, night skating, and stylish Ben Gore
Truman Hooker - Ditch Demon - Thrasher said it best: the spot search alone makes this an interesting part, but Truman's ditch skating skills seal the deal.
Huf - Australia for Tour - The team is too good and Sammy Winter kills it! Huf needs to get him on there.
HYPE - Totally Original - The HYPE squad rips and keeps the video tasteful.
JP Oliveira - Mag Minute - another strong member of the new breed of tech-gnar
Ishod Wair and SOTY Naawwsty - The crew alone is epic but the skating and fun-having is just priceless.
AJ Zavala - Shep Dawgs Teaser - I only saw his name tossed around in Shep Dawgs montages but now I can finally put a name to a face and a sick style. Pumped for Shep Dawgs V4!
Danny Dicola - SLAVE - The vibes are definitely relaxed but Danny's spot selection is far from it.

Video part remixes are the best way to give old footage new life and new vibes, the aspects that make some video parts truly memorable. Now there were a couple sweet remixes from this week, including a Brandon Westgate one of just NYC footage from his past 3 or 4 parts. That's the kind of thematic remixing that Quartersnacks does best and it really comes out well to see Westgate ripping the Big Apple in this video. Then there was one of Chase Webb, reminding us how gnarly he is and how he's been powerfully coming up the past couple years. It's good not to forget his steady stream of bangers in the internet's vortex of ripping Californians.

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