Saturday, March 22, 2014

Video of the Week: Visualtraveling's The Persian Version

Patrik Wallner's Visualtraveling has been one of the most beautiful forms of cultural education for skateboarding. Taking on the locations without a blown out skate scene, Patrik delivers once again as he rolls with a terrific crew (including one of my favorite skaters and regular visualtravelers, Walker Ryan) through various parts of Iran, Azerbaijan, Georgia, and Turkey. Sure, there's some really awesome skating involved, but the whole video offers so much more to enhance our desire as skaters to keep exploring.

Other sweet videos from the week:
Brian Peacock - Something Sinister - the craziest switch tech combos you've ever seen
Riley Hawk - Shep Dawgs Tape Deck - 17 minutes of raw, tech-gnar uncut footage
Jorge Simoes - Jart's The Am Project - another tech-gnar, flowy Euro that's blowing up quite nicely
Jamie Thomas - Road Less Traveled Recut - nothing quite like The Chief
Electric Summer - fast, fun, and creative edit that makes you wanna go skate
Travis Glover - that fakie ollie at 1:46!

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