Thursday, January 9, 2014

Pro Too Soon #3: Forrest Edwards

Forrest Edwards seems to have come up somewhat out of the blue, similar to Pat Pasquale. The only major difference I'd say would be that Forrest actually had SLAP Mag's OIAM to use as a platform into the industry. With that platform, he still couldn't get a full sponsorship! Dropping two heavy parts is one thing, and nowadays a reasonable argument for turning pro, but neither of them had any sponsorship affiliation. Maybe it's just me, but I feel it's justifiable to expect a flow dude or an am especially to drop a part for their board sponsor in order to step it up to the next level. Unhinged was through Thrasher and Wild Power (above) was independent. As far as skating goes, Forrest is definitely at a high level that I can definitely understand is pro-worthy: 360 flip 50-50 grinds down super gnarly and legendary spots, a really tight assortment of rail/gap tricks, and switch flipping Wallenberg after many years of attempts cannot be taken lightly. However, just because Forrest and Garrett Hill are bros and want to start their own company, doesn't mean that Forrest should immediately go pro after never even being am prior. He needs to establish more loyalty with a board sponsor and put in more experience before turning pro, especially when he's been known to have certain questionable personality traits.

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