Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Pro Too Soon #4: Pat "Sinner" Pasquale

I really don't know too much about Sinner to be honest. But I also think it's reasonably safe to say that most of the general skateboarding-internet-viewing public that consider themselves skate nerds also don't know too much about Sinner. As far as I know, I've only ever really seen him skate in his Chicken Bone Nowison part (above at 47:00). To be fair, the skating is beyond sick. He's got fliptricks, sick switch choices, jumps down gaps, skates rails, gets tech, and does a bunch of fun/uncommon creative tricks too for a super noteworthy part. The fakie ollie through the double tree gap (at 49:15 and in a line?!) is awesome on so many levels. This part is definitely not talked about enough in the skate world or referenced enough in conversations. Sinner's sick skating deserves a blow up for sure, yet turning pro for a brand new company he starts with Nick Trapasso is too large a jump for just one great part. For someone to essentially come out of nowhere and drop this part is one thing, but to turn pro afterwards is way too big of a leap. On top of that, I haven't seen much footage at all from him since then, asides from a couple nice clips in the LE Promo. Basically, I think that this guy, no matter how hard he shreds and how sick his footage is, needs to put in more time with a company and maybe come out with another video part or two before turning pro.

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