Saturday, November 9, 2013

Best Music for a Part: Honorable Mention

While I've give my top 5 already for best musicians/bands for a skate video part, there are so many more that have worked well in past parts. Here's a rundown of some other good musicians worthy of mentioning:
(there are plenty more usages of the artists' songs, but these are the video parts that stood out most to me with the specific music)

Cass McCombs:
          "What Isn't Nature" - Jason Dill in DVS's Skate More (here)
          "Sacred Heart" - Jerry Hsu in Enjoi's Bag of Suck (here)
          "I Cannot Lie" - Dylan Rieder in Gravis' dylan. (here)
          "She's Still Suffering" - Chima Ferguson in Real's Since Day One
Explosions in the Sky:
          Many songs in Toy Machine's Good and Evil (here)
          "Catastrophe And The Cure" - Luis Tolentino's Recruit at the Berrics (here)
          "The Birth and Death of the Day" - Intro to Fallen's Road Less Traveled (also in Wednesday's with Reda with the hero shot)
          Many songs between Brandon Westgate and Jeremy Leabres in Emerica's Made Vol. 1
Notorious B.I.G.:
          "The Fog" (with 2pac) - Dave Vaughn in DGK's Parental Advisory
          "Friend of Mine" - CJ Tambornino in Flow Trash (here)
          "RIP Tribute NU Sound Remix" - second song for Walker Ryan in Focus Group (here)
          "Let's Get it On (Dirty Harry Blend)" - Antwuan Dixon in Baker 3 (here)
          "Juicy" - too many edits to count, but this one for example
          "Everyday Struggle" - Lucas Puig in KAMH (here)
David Bowie:
          "Moonage Daydream" - Moose in the Deathwish Video
          "Five Years" - Marc Johnson in Girl/Chocolate's Pretty Sweet
          "I Wish You Would" - Lucas Puig in Lakai's Fully Flared (here)
          "Big Brother" - Wieger Van Wageningen in Nike SB's Chronicles Vol. 1

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