Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Switch Backside Kickflips #4: Blake Carpenter

Blake's two welcome videos for his first primary sponsors of Toy Machine and Dekline both were relatively short and had a few clips each.  But with a switch backside flip as good as he has, of course Blake's going to include that trick in both his Welcome to Toy Machine part (at 0:19) and his Welcome to Dekline clip (at 0:14).  The Toy Machine version shows how Blake can handle this trick down pretty tall gaps and the Dekline version shows how how utterly perfect the trick can look when you think of pop (over a considerable bump to bar), flick, rotation, and landing. Blake takes the switch backside flip almost to video-game-looking levels, as also evidenced when he lands it during his Battle Royale at the Berrics at 1:08. He's got that spot on rotation so that he can land the trick without having to readjust his balance. Not only that, but he can seriously pop the trick too, as seen at 0:26 for his Bang Yo Self 3 submission. And with his video part in Daylando (above), Blake does this switch flip front board back to regular on the back of a park bench at 1:46 (which even though isn't the same trick for this week's content, is undoubtedly worth mentioning). It is one of the craziest freeze frame moments I've seen because of his ninja flick and ridiculous pop. Blake's so fluid with the trick that until you freeze the image it's hard to appreciate just how high he pops and flicks the switch [backside] kickflip. Besides that, his Daylando part also contains a well-popped flatground switch backside flip at 1:12 over a red block (since apparently he kept hitting the camera when he wasn't putting the flip in...) and a really long one at 3:52 over a small wall and a dirt gap with a fun little body rotation delay as he's bringing the board the full 180 before his body's all the way there.  And lastly, I'll leave the bump to bar at 2:47 in Cosmic Vomit 2 for the last switch backside flip. Perfection once again.

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