Sunday, October 6, 2013

Next Week: Switch Backside Kickflips

Switch backside flips are probably my favorite trick to watch, mostly for the fact that I can't do them whatsoever. Some guys have them, and then some guys have them very very well with great flick and style. This week I'm going to highlight my top 5 favorite switch backside flippers.
But before that, I'd like to point out a few great skaters and moments with that trick.
Stefan Janoski is obviously one of the most fluid and skilled switch skaters out there with his graceful light footed style. Everyone knows his switch flip is unmatchable and he definitely has a great switch backside one as well.
Furby's got plenty of those 180 fliptricks, switch backside flips being one of them. His clean style makes any of his tricks look thugged out.
Moose definitely has a great switch backside flip, I just happen to see him throw down more nollie frontside flips, so I don't have him pegged as much for doing it switch. But I must shoutout his Santa Monica triple set nollie frontside flip: that was sick!
In the new Emerica Made video, Jeremy Leabres perfectly lands a switch backside flip down the second of two fairly large sets, following a nollie backside flip. That was easily one of my favorite lines from the video and I'm really eager to watch Jeremy blow up.
Figgys battle at the heavily guarded triple set (in LA I believe) for Bake and Destroy was one of the sweetest things about his skating. I knew he could skate switch on handrails like no one else but I had no clue he had a switch backside flip like that. Combine that surprising flip trick with Figgys desire to just attack spots makes the behind the scenes to that trick just wonderful to watch, pretty much what every skater dreams of doing at some point.
And lastly, for one of my favorite individual switch backside flips of all time, I give ultimate credit to DJ Gaudin (who I had never heard of but will always remember now) for doing this trick down the infamous Wallenberg. The switch roll in itself is super sketchy, but somehow DJ manages to get a proper flick on his switch backside flip and stylishly execute that tough trick down the huge 4 block. Again, the video shows how great the session must've been as him and Forrest tried their awesome tricks, so seeing the makes provides that feeling of excited relief and giddiness even (for me at least).

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