Saturday, May 10, 2014

Video of the Week: Dan Plunkett's "A Video Part About Nothing"

There were two videos that came out this week that were both beyond the norm of awesome skate videos. Joey Guevara came through with a part for Atlas that had one of the greatest mixes of San Jose spots and varied tricks I've seen. Joey skates super smoothly and has tons of rad lines in this part, which work perfectly with the backdrop of some gritty streets. However, maybe it's the Seinfeld reference, but Dan Plunkett gets my vote for Video of the Week with his Video Part About Nothing. I've never really attached any distinctly memorable part to Dan, even though I knew he skated some pretty gnarly stuff. So this part will definitely be the one to associate with Dan for me, and it's a good part to remember. Not only does he continue to show us that he's the king of bluntslides, but all the spots are super rugged. All together a gnarly part for a very underrated skater.

Some other tight videos from the past week:
Connor Kammerer - Tengu: God of Mischief
Josh Stafford - Mag Minute
Pyramid County - Couples Therapy
Mountain Dew - United Nations at the Berrics
Kevin Barnett - "See", REDirect
Brennan Conroy - The Cinematographer Project

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