Saturday, March 1, 2014

Video of the Week: Dave Bohack - THAT is what I like

I have to give Dave Bohack top honors for Video of the Week. There's something about seeing those East Coast spots (one of which I know is literally a 2 minute skate away for myself) that lets me connect with his skating more so than the countless other videos I merely glaze at through my computer screen. Watching his part felt like watching my friends in person skating spots I'm used to seeing in person, and then even sometimes cranking it up a notch or two in gnarliness. Seeing snow and rain on the ground, especially for that splashing rollaway for his insane ender 50-50, reminded me that there are some gnarly skaters very close by and that the skateboarding community as a whole is not as disconnected as it sometimes may feel.

In other skate news from the week:
Nick Remon kills it for Vans in England with a super enjoyable style and trick selection, shredding through those gritty streets. The line at 2:20 (fakie heel, fakie boardslide fs 270 out) is too good.
Niilo Nikkanen also comes through with an incredible part in GTFBID, proving that there are some "random" Euro skaters out there that are absolutely crushing it.
Jimmy Cao's new part for Sk8mafia and JSLV is super steezy and stands out nicely a midst the loads of footage the 'Mafia puts out regularly.
Jordan Gesko's part for Skate Jawn is raw and pretty awesome. The switch inward heel at 3:44 was a sweet surprise and reminded me a bit of Shuriken's nice inward.
Kevin Terpening turned pro for FA with a short but sweet welcome video, accompanied by one from Huf too.
Speaking of short but sweet, Forrest Edwards' welcome video for Theeve is quite gnarly and worth a few views.
The Flip Canadian Tour at The Skateboard Mag is too good to be written off as just another tour video, but what do you expect from that young crew of rippers.
If Rowan Zorilla's latest part was throwaway, then there's good reason to be excited for Shep Dawgs 4 (as if there weren't enough reasons already)
Tommy Sandoval takes the cake for the greatest barrage of BIG bangers at the Berrics with his Battle Commander, which timed out nicely with Hellaclips edit of Tommy's Road Less Traveled footage into a personalized part for Fallen.
In The Details was filmed and edited by Jeremy McNamara and oh boy did he do a good job.
As is tradition, Emerica dropped Jeremy Leabres' B-Sides from Made and once again comes through with the Gold.
To close things off, Youness Amrani went pro this week for Almost, a move that I'm super stoked on. Even though I said a little more time with the legendary company would be fitting, it's been some time since then and it feels about right, especially after what Youness masterfully pulled off at The Berrics.

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